Joshua fellowship began in Auckland, New Zealand in 1986 when a small group of men met and prayed about the need for a men’s fellowship.

We were aware that:

+ There is a macho role model image of the Kiwi male, which is false.

+ That many women are spiritually alone in their homes.

+ That many men are searching for a deeper spiritual life.

+ That Dove fellowship had clearly shown the special blessing of women to women ministry – the same was likely
to be true for men.

+ That men’s groups such as the Holy Name Society no longer exist.

+ That many men, with today’s confused values, are struggling to maintain their Christian standards.

The group continued to meet and pray regularly for some months and numbers quietly grew.

Following a weekend retreat in August 1986, directed by Bishop Denis Browne, Joshua Men’s Fellowship was formally established in the Auckland Diocese with Fr. Ernie Milne as chaplain.