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Here are some Joshua choices of classic teaching for men.  This list is going to be added to so come back and recheck it :


Title Speaker Subject
Joshua Retreat 2019

Bishop Colin Campbell – Talk 1

Bishop Colin Campbell – Talk 2

Bishop Colin Campbell – Talk 3


Bishop Colin Campbell


– Empowered by Jesus as Sons of the Father.

– Empowered by Jesus for vocation.

– Empowered by Jesus to evangelise.

Empower Us Jesus


Gary Parker


Lyrics with chords

Recharge 2012 – Interview
22 minutes 
John Wort John Wort is interviewed about his experiences on the 2012 Recharge retreat at Willow Park, Eastern Beach, Auckland.
Maurice Schischka – Eulogy
18 minutes

Download Maurice Schiska Eulogy

David Schiska The Eulogy delivered by son David Schischka.  A testimony to an ordinary guy who did extra-ordinary things out of love for his Lord and Saviour. 
Strong Fathers Strong Daughters 1
24 minutes

Download Strong Dads Strong Daughters 1 (1083)

 Dr. Meg Meeker Of all the relationships a girl may have, the one with her father is the most critical. Pediatrician Dr. Meg Meeker talks about the powerful influence of a father and recalls how her own father’s belief in her at a low point in her life inspired her to believe in herself and become who she is today.
Strong Fathers Strong Daughters 2
24 minutesStream

Download Strong Dads Strong Daughters 2 (1606)

 Dr. Meg Meeker Is your daughter questioning the household rules? Well-known pediatrician and mother of six, Dr. Meg Meeker, talks to fathers about the necessity of providing appropriate boundaries for their daughters. Meeker fondly remembers her own father’s attempts to protect her, and exhorts parents to affirm a daughter’s character rather than her performance or physical beauty.
Every Man’s Battle (Part 1)
24 minutes

Download Every-Mans-Battle-1 (1049)

 Fred Stoeker Sexual sin is a dangerous lure that will lead a man to the depths of despair. Author Fred Stoeker talks about his struggle and victory over sexual temptation.
Every Man’s Battle (Part 2)
24 minutes

Download Every Man's Battle Part 2 (1127)

 Fred Stoeker Is there any escape for a man entangled in sexual sin? Fred Stoeker talks about the transformation that took him from lusting after women to seeking after Christ.
Breaking Free Part 1
24 minutes

Download Breaking Free Part 1 (1447)

  Fred Stoeker Marriage didn’t solve Fred’s lust problem. Fred Stoeker, author of Every Man’s Battle, talks about the covenant he made with his eyes and what it did for his marriage.
Breaking Free Part 2
24 minutes

Download Breaking Free Part 2 (1587)

 Fred Stoeker Guarding your heart means first guarding your eyes. Today on the broadcast, Fred Stoeker teaches men how to bounce their eyes away from the sexual as a way to avoid temptation.
Going All Out For Your Wife (Part 1)
25 minutes

Download All-out-for-your-wife-1 (1104)

Steve Farrar Author and speaker Steve Farrar speaks to a Promise Keepers stadium of over 50,000 guys about the importance of a husband’s commitment to Jesus Christ, his role as the family leader and his responsibility to love and cherish his wife.
Going all out for Your Wife (Part 2)
25 minutes

Download All-out-for-your-wife-2 (1038)

 Steve Farrar Steve Farrar continues addressing the Promise Keepers gathering, focusing on how to be a “one woman kind of guy”.  Great stuff!
The Essentials of a Healthy Home

(Part 1)
25 minutes


Download The-Essentials-of-a-Healthy-Home-1 (1014)

 Tommy Nelson A peace-filled household, time spent together and godly role models – these are a few of the elements that help children grow into well-adjusted adults. But what else can parents provide to promote their kids’ emotional and spiritual well-being? Listen in as the Rev. Tommy Nelson, an author and the senior pastor of Denton Bible Church in Denton, Texas, discusses the needs all children share and offers biblically-based advice on what parents can do to meet these needs in a God-honoring way.
The Essentials of a Healthy Home –

(Part 2)
25 minutes


Download  The-Essentials-of-a-Healthy-Home-2 (968)

 Tommy Nelson Tommy Nelson continues his powerful teaching on how to raise your children