Is Family Planning NZ going to set up abortion clinics?


Family life International is concerned that, having been successful in gaining a license to perform abortions at their Tauranga clinic, the New Zealand Family Planning Association (NZFPA) may be moving towards a similar model followed by Planned Parenthood in the United States (PPFA). The New Zealand Association says it has “a proud affiliation with the Read more […]

Standing room only at Connor Hayes’ memorial in Ottawa


Hundreds gathered at Holy Spirit Catholic Church, in Ottawa, Canada, to say goodbye to Connor Hayes last Saturday. Hayes and his companion Joanna Lam died after a mud slide swept away the vehicle they were travelling in through the Haast Pass in New Zealand. Hayes’ body has yet to be found. At the memorial, the Read more […]

Wellington – final decision on parish mergers announced

John Dew

The Archbishop Wellington, New Zealand, John Dew has announced a major organisation of the parishes in the Archdiocese. Some parishes will merge to create a new parish. All parish churches will be retained. The parish mergers will be implemented over a period of two years and will be completed no later that 1 February 2016. Read more […]

A non scary alternative to Halloween


Halloween’s popularity had grown in the 10 years since he moved from the United States says Canterbury University Professor Peter Field. “There are some who object because they think Halloween is Pagan, but for most people candy is a pretty big drawcard for the holiday. We’re a child-orientated society and the kids do love it,” he Read more […]

NZ gets its first Professor of Diversity


Edwina Pio, Auckland University of Technology’s Business and Law School, has become New Zealand’s first Professor of Diversity. Her expertise relates to work, ethnicity and religion, primarily focussing on ethnic minorities and migrants. Edwina has a PhD in Buddhist Psychology, a Master’s degree in Psychology and a double Bachelor’s degree – one in Psychology and Read more […]

$760,00 research grant to study NZ spirituality and religion

RR13_A5-final (1)

A university professor, who was once priest, has been awarded more than $760,000 of public money to study Kiwis’ spirituality and religion. Professor Joseph Bulbulia of Victoria University in Wellington New Zealand, say religion was “intensely important” to him, but “as for an afterlife, or God, I have no idea”. He migrated to Wellington from the Read more […]

Maori translation of Koran launched

A Waikato-Tainui kaumatua who’s been involved in translating the Islamic holy book, the Koran, into Te Reo says it will help with a better understanding between Maori and the Islamic world. The translated work, which has taken 25 years to complete, will be officially launched on Friday. On Tuesday a copy was presented to the Read more […]