Street disputes figures in euthanasia report

Holding Hands with Elderly Patient

Maryan Street, a member of Parliament in New Zealand disputes the figures in a report prepared by the Institute of Marriage and Family in Canada which claims deaths by assisted suicide have increased wherever the practices have been legalised. The report states that international evidence shows that once assisted suicide or euthanasia are legalised, the criteria morph to include more Read more […]

Environment court to decide fate of Euphrasie House


The diocese of Hamilton, in New Zealand, has gained consent to demolish Euphrasie House. The Hamilton East Community Trust (HECT) is fighting to prevent the demolition of the 74 year old building. The former convent, rebuilt in 1939, used as a boarding house for girls attending Sacred Heart College until it closed in 2011, is Read more […]

Law professor questions sense of pursuing case against Waihopai 3


Auckland University law professor Bill Hodge wonders why the Crown is pursuing the civil action against the three peace protestors who damaged the Waihopai spy base in Marlborough, New Zealand. “There really isn’t much a creditor can do with respect to a debtor who truly is out of funds. You can’t get blood from a Read more […]

Remembering Parihaka – a new booklet from Caritas


A delegation from Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand recently presented its new booklet Remembering Parihaka to the Parihaka community after consulting them over its preparation. “This is not a booklet just about Parihaka’s history,” said Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand Director Julianne Hickey, “but a justice and peace resource that enables us to reflect on the impact of Read more […]

Fr Chris Skinner and Janice Bateman join musical forces


Father Chris Skinner has teamed up with Christchurch-based soprano Janice Bateman who’s 2011 debut album ‘Here I Am’ knocked Justin Bieber out of a chart position he’d held for 10 weeks. Their Album, ‘Reason to Believe’ is to be released on 1 November. Brian Martin, from the Hawke’s Bay, brought the two singers together. In Read more […]

Progress – but no decision yet on Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament


The fate of the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch’s Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament is becoming clearer, as new information is released on the state of the current building and land. Board chairman Lance Ryan said there were many complex issues affecting the decision making, but they had discovered new information on the state of the Read more […]

Two right-to-life groups criticise coroner’s euthanasia comments


The Wellington regional coroner Ian Smith is acting irresponsibly in failing to recognise the real dangers of lethal elder abuse, says Bernard Moran who is the national president of Voice for Life Inc. “Smith is within his coronial rights to describe Edna Gluyas’ death as suicide or euthanasia, but to call for Parliament to yet again confront euthanasia is Read more […]

Cardinal Rodriguez had bumpy landing in Wellington


A miscommunication between the Vatican and New Zealand church officials resulted in an adventurous arrival for Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga when he visited Wellington, New Zealand last week. Vatican authorities provided the New Zealand officials with the wrong arrival date and he arrived a day before he was expected. Cardinal Rodriguez survived a not unusual “bumpy” Read more […]

Cultural clash over altar servers


Female altar servers are becoming an issue in some parishes that have high numbers of migrants attending Mass, Auckland diocese’s liturgy centre says. Many migrant populations have not been used to women and girls serving in this way, a statement from the liturgy centre to NZ Catholic noted. “This matter has to be handled with Read more […]

Catholic and Anglican archbishops say pray for our justice system

DSC01890 copy

The Roman Catholic and Anglican archbishops of New Zealand are inviting their churches to pray and discuss how the Christian gospel is foundational to the rights and needs of victims, offenders, and their families. The archbishops, John Dew, Justin Duckworth and Philip Richardson (above) say a justice system, levels of offending, and victims’ needs and Read more […]